Our mission

We want to know where jugger is played, how it is played, and what they need from us to grow.

We want to gather experts and volunteers from around the world to provide all the material and agreements needed to support that growth.

We want to make it easier to compete with other juggers from around the world.

The IJC Mission Statement was adopted on October 2, 2019 as part of its first Charter:

IJC Charter

Code of Conduct

Do you coach other juggers, promote your club locally, organize tournaments, or otherwise serve as a leader in your local jugger club? The IJC Code of Conduct can help you create an safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for the sport of jugger.

IJC Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to outline the International Jugger Council’s (IJC) commitment to an environment free from inappropriate behaviour, specifically Bullying, Violence, Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Victimisation, and provide a clear and simple incident and complaint handling procedure.

Who we are

The IJC is a volunteer-run organization, run by juggers who take an interest in supporting and growing the sport of jugger. If you're interested in learning more, want to help as a volunteer, or have feedback, comments, or questions - contact us!

Support Us!

There are no membership fees - the IJC is a non-profit forum and is funded via individual donations. If you like the objectives we’re working to achieve, please consider supporting us by sending a small amount of money to our account! To get the bank details, just get in touch with the Treasurer via Discord or email.

We can include your (or your organization's) name in our Top Supporters List. Anonymous donations are also accepted!

Top Supporters List

  • 🇱🇹 Pijus “Pope” Stankevičius
  • 🇪🇸 Arturo Pérez Amores
  • 🇨🇦 Valkyrie and Evan Savage
  • 🇨🇷 María Chavarría

How the IJC Works

The International Jugger Council was founded in 2019 to serve as a representative body for the worldwide jugger community. This map shows IJC member countries and organizations around the world.

The Council comprises 1-3 Representatives from each member country, and each nation’s representatives share one vote. The Council elects a Board every year, which calls ordinary meetings every October and April and extraordinary meetings whenever the situation requires it.

Once the Council has agreed on setting a new goal for the IJC, the Board establishes a Committee to work on it.

IJC Board

The Board is responsible for managing the International Jugger Council. Its current members are:

Name Country Position(s)
Wendy J-M Australia President, Rules Comparison Commissioner
Gabriel Maynard Hernández Costa Rica Growth Support Commissioner
Gil Richard Canada Mapping Commissioner
Ian Williams USA International Competition Commissioner
Miguel Alvarado USA Vice-President, Ethics Committee Commissioner
Pijus “Pope” Stankevičius Lithuania Legal Support Commissioner
Rickhard “Link” Nilsén Sweden Secretary
Valkyrie Savage Canada Web Presence Commissioner, Corporate Image Commissioner
Chris Wilcoxson USA Treasurer

IJC Committees

These committees help the IJC realize its mission. If there's a particular committee or area you'd like to help out with, you can also reach out to the relevant Commissioner on Discord!

Committee Commissioner What They Do
Web Presence Valkyrie Savage Designs and builds the IJC website and maintains our online presence.
Corporate Image Valkyrie Savage Designs and maintains a coherent visual brand for the IJC.
Mapping Gil Richard Keeps track of the locations of jugger groups across the globe and updates the Jugger World Map.
Growth Support Gabriel Maynard Hernández Assists new clubs with training, equipment building, and promotion.
Rules Comparison Wendy J-M Compares existing jugger rulebooks to help promote eventual agreement on an international ruleset.
International Competition Ian Williams Assists tournament organizers with planning tournaments at all scales and levels of play.
Legal Support Pijus “Pope” Stankevičius Manages internal IJC regulations and by-laws to ensure the IJC is a solid institution that can help out juggers at every level.
Ethics Miguel Alvarado Studies complaints of breaches of our Code of Conduct and provides recommendations for resolution.