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Jugger can be played almost anywhere!

There are jugger clubs in thirty countries across Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Check our Jugger World Map to see if there’s any such group near you - but if there isn’t, grab your friends and start one!

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As a sport, Jugger is a work in progress: we don't yet have a single global ruleset! There are around 20 different national and local variants. Most of these variants agree on basic rules, but there are differences in areas like refereeing and dimensions of equipment.

The most widely used rulesets are the German, Spanish, and Australian rulesets. We're currently working on a tool to help players understand these different rulesets - in the meantime, check out the International Jugger Blog’s Rulebooks compilation!

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Have you just discovered jugger and want to bring it closer to home? Are you already a jugger player and wish to take your favourite sport when you move to a new town?

We've linked to some useful guides and tutorials to help you get started.

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A very important part of the jugger experience is to meet and stay in touch with new people. Not sure how to do that? These links will help you get in contact with your local, national, and international jugger community. People in these forums and groups can point you in the right direction.

Juggers are stylish! Since the dawn of the jugger sport, creative juggers have been designing awesome uniforms for their teams. In jugger, it is also traditional to trade jerseys with players that you respect or admire after a tournament. Browse the gallery and see some of the history of jugger fashion, or submit jerseys we're missing!

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